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Wouldn't it be awesome to have ONE system that runs your entire shed business that was specifically designed just for you?

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What does Shed Suite do, exactly..?

It's easiest to just say, "Everything"! and be done with it...
but we know you want the details, so let's dig in and we'll explain a few of Shed Suite's many awesome features!

Lead Generation & Management

Yep, Shed Suite helps generate leads for you!
But it's not enough to just generate leads, what happens after you get a lead?


Order Creation & Tracking

Say goodbye to static paper or PDF order forms! How about dynamic order forms and order tracking?


Inventory Management & Driver Logs

Never quite know what inventory is where? Never again. Get real time reports on inventory models, numbers, and locations.


Here's Just A Few Of Shed Suite's Seemingly Magical Features

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Dealer Sites

Each dealer/lot has its own website with a shopping cart displaying the inventory models on that lot. Customers can browse inventory and even buy inventory from the dealer sites!

Marketing Packages

We know you are good at building sheds, not marketing. We will handle it all for you. You tell us your budget and we generate leads for you!

Google Optimized Lots

It's great having a good physical lot locations, but it's just as important to have a great "Virtual Lot Lisitings" so people can quickly and easily find your lots on Google!

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Dealer Dashboards

"The Fortune Is In The Followup" Each Dealer Lot gets a dashboard to manage their leads.

Lead Status

The dealer can move the lead through the sale process using status tags: "New" "Contacted" "Hot" "Customer"

Add Notes & Reminders To Leads

Dealers can add notes to leads to help them remember what they talk to the lead about. They can also add reminders to followup with leads at a certain time.

Send Messages To Leads

From the dealer's dashboard, dealers can send messages to leads and attach quotes and building plans.

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Dynamic Order Form

The dealer is able to create orders for leads using a dynamic order form with all your shed models, sizes, & available options.

Add Inventory To An Order

If the lead is buying an inventory model the dealer can simply add the inventory model to the order and the system will create an order for the lead purchasing that inventory building.

Submit Order To Be Processed

Once the dealer has collected all the necessary information from the lead they submit the order to the Office Admin Dashboard to be processed.

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Shop Dashboards

Each manufacturing shop gets a dashboard to manage and track orders. The Shop moves the building through the build process as you track it from your Admin dashboard.

Shed Status

As the shed moves through the build process the shop updates the building status to show the current building status.

Logs and Reports

The shop can quickly see stats and build reports on "Buildings Built" "Buildings To Build" and many more!

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See What Sheds Are Where

Quickly see the inventory buildings on each sales lot.

See Which Inventory Models Sell Best

Create a report to see what models and sell best in what areas.

Display Inventory On Dealer Websites

Dealers can customize images and descriptions to the inventory buildings that are displayed on their dealer websites.

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Admin Dashboard

The Admin dashboard allows the Office Manager to set up shed models, create user accounts, process orders, check shed status, see driver logs, and SO much more!

Shop Dashboard

The manufacturing shop will use their dashboard to track the order though the build process. The shop will be able to add notes to orders and much more.

Driver Dashboard

The drivers can log in to their Dashboard or Mobile App to see the orders assigned to them that are ready for delivery. They can schedule deliveries and add reminders for themsleves. When they mark buildings "delivered" the system adds the order to their delivery log.

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Our Mission, Vision & Values

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Our Mission is

To spread the Love of Jesus Christ by deeply caring for our team members and clients, while having a blast building the world's best Shed Software.

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Our Vision is

To help 250 shed companies by 2025 realize 100% growth in their first year of using Shed Suite.

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Care for others

Our team members and clients well being is more important to us than making a profit.

Just try it

Encourage each other to experiment and discover better ways to work.


Part of our work is reading and learning new things.

Enjoy your work

Life is too short not to be excited about your work.

Our Team

Our mission is to help you manage and grow your shed business. We know the challenges you face every day, and are passionate about solving each one with Shed Suite. We are excited to partner with you and see your business grow using Shed Suite!

Jason Graber

CEO / Founder

Jason has been in the shed industry since 2007 having managed a shed shop, run a successful dealership, and created 3D Shed Builder. He loves to play beach volleyball and spend time outdoors with his beautiful wife and 3 children.

Fran Arant

Co-Founder / Lead Engineer

Fran is the guy that makes the "Magic" happen. He's a ninja of the code and tirelessly wrangles it into submission. He loves coffee, as would any good developer, and enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter.

Fabian Aussems

Lead Native Developer / Dev Ops

Fabian is a React Native maestro. He is to thank for the beautiful Shed Suite native App, and the stability of our entire system! He lives in Europe, and when he's not programming he enjoys spending time outdoors to clear his head and recharge.

Donovan Moore

Lead Front End Developer

Donovan joined the Shed Suite team in early 2018 as our lead React front end developer. He takes great joy in drinking as much coffee as humanly possible and coding beautiful UI. He enjoys rock climbing and traveling as much as possible.

Philip Kaim


Philip joined the Shed Suite team in June of 2019. He is passionate about using his skills in react.js and node.js to build beautiful, and intuitive features for all of our Shed Suite users! When he's not coding he loves longboarding, or hitting the gym for a good workout!

Ming Li


Ming joined the Shed Suite team in February of 2020. He has over 7 years of experience in developing Saas products and leading dev teams. He truly loves to code, but when he's not coding he loves to play sports. Especially swimming and soccer!

Joel Ahrens

Customer Success

Joel joined the Shed Suite team in July of 2021 after spending 6 years in missions at YWAM and running the grounds operations at a local church here in Sarasota. He is excited to help customers use Shed Suite to it's fullest! When he's not working he loves playing drums at church and spending time with his wife and 3 children.

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